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You should do this one thing every time you are worried or depressed

Our thoughts worry us all the time, especially about the future.

Sri Ramana Maharshi has these simple tips to tackle worries or depression:

1. Take the mind to its starting place again and again.

2. The mind exists only by reason of thought.

3. Stop the thought. Then there is no mind. [READ: How to control the quality of thoughts in your mind]

The meaning of this teaching is powerful - The Real You is Divine, untouched by sorrow, worry or any kind of suffering. 

Therefore, ask yourself when upset or worried, "Who is it that is angry/upset/hurt/worried? The real me is pure love energy, the real me is Divine."


Ajith Kannan said…
Not sure how easy its to control the mind to bring it back to its orignal place. I used to worry a lot till i started doing IAM meditation daily . Once i started doing it the worry list stayed the same but i felt these worries no longer have any impact on me !!.as if i am coated with a divine layer of inner power. This technique is unique in the sense its developed by Mata amritandamayi (Amma) for more details .
Ajith Kannan said…
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