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Stressed out? Look at Nature, Feel Calm Instantly!

In summers, water is the elixir of life for all living beings. 

At the Zuri, Kumarakom, where Nature and water is celebrated throughout its lush green spaces, I felt as though I was being recharged by Nature's glory. 

Look at Nature and you instantly feel calmer from within. It flows through you.

                       [Copyright: Swapna Raghu Sanand - Do not use without permission]

The Wise ones say that when you are stressed out and feeling drained, the best thing to do is go outdoors on a long walk.[READ: How to treat your Ego]

If you cannot feel it, remove your sandals and let your feet touch the ground.

All you need to do is breathe in and breathe out slowly. Feel how the breath stretches from inside your body, traveling through you and outside you.

As you deepen this practice outdoors, you are bound to feel much calmer and serene than you did when you stepped out the first time.

[READ: Why Om is Powerful and Important]

This is the happier, calmer, real You.

So, keep smiling and get in…

How to treat your ego with love

This is a summer of learning new lessons every day, only to remind the ego to not react to everything around but just let it pass. The ego routine is a tough nut to crack. Treat ego with love. 

Identify what it triggers, why and then embrace it, like this, "Buddy, I understand your game. But guess what? I'm over this game." 

Love is the only weapon that can destroy the ego. 

"What is the ego?" or "Why see ego as a bad thing?" are questions that a logical person is bound to ask. More importantly, if it is bad, why love the ego?

The ego is what drives you to identify with everything that binds you down in the form of attachment. The ego forces you to ask these questions assuming the guise of curiosity. In that sense, the ego is a good thing for your growth. In most cases, however, ego is a fantastic story teller that deceives you to make the wrong choices but advocates very strongly that you are always right, never wrong. [READ: A Dad's Advice to the Da…