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Traveling List for Women: Is Your List the Same as mine?

People say that it's much easier for a man to travel lightly than a woman. This reminds me of a good piece of advice from Susan Heller who said, "When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money." But first, a trip down memory lane.

Travel: From Iran to Africa at the age of Six Months  I've been traveling from the time I was just six months old. Obviously, I don't remember packing then but my mother does with vivid details. She says we were whisked off to Teheran when i was barely 6 months old and that she found it heartbreaking to be so far away from her mother and her family because those were the days you couldn't make phone calls so easily from continents away to mother or brothers. So there,  my mom was stranded with tiny me for company in a sweet little cottage near the Caspian sea in Iran.  
If you google "caspian sea," you will get tons of interesting information on how this …

Wallaby: What happens when your little boy wants to hold one

Look at the delight here as my darling nephew Vihaan is totally captivated on seeing a wallaby. He is reaching out and wants to hold the wallaby.

By the way, I didn't even know what a  wallaby is till I saw this picture and googled it to know more. 

Well, you can find Wallabies across many parts of Australia. Known as marsupials, wallabies look like small kangaroos. They have small front legs, strong back legs, long feet and they can hop on their back legs. They turn active during the night and rest during the day. When they move, it looks like they are bouncing.

Sounds like fun, isn't it? I just love this snap as I could sense Vihaan's excitement and curiosity even as my cautious sister is trying to not let him go too close. So, I wanted to share it with you.

The Secret Wishlist by Preeti Shenoy

Have you ever been banished from your parents' good books because of a secret kiss when you were just sixteen?
Did you spend nearly all your life trying to win back the trust and approval of your parents for that one mistake you made?
Have you regretted your marriage that your parents rushed you into and you agreed out of sheer guilt? 
Have you ever made a secret wishlist with something like "have sex with someone other than husband" on it? 
Yes or no, don't miss reading Preeti Shenoy's recently released novel titled 'The Secret Wishlist.' 

From page one, you are bound to get pulled into Diksha's loveless marriage, her constant adjustments to Sandeep, a husband who expects everything to be done to suit his preference at all times and her need to feel valued as a person. There are so many instances when you would simply grit your teeth and wish that her boor of a husband would do something, anything, to just appreciate his wife. But no, that doesn't hap…