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Power of Words

I was at work. Listening to songs on the iPod. Just like that, one song made me feel sad. Terribly sad. I updated my Facebook status, saying, "Sometimes, the pain of losing someone you loved deeply never goes away. It pops up out of the blue, just like that, when you do ordinary things, like when you listen to a song."
Instantly, I got different types of responses from friends on Facebook. They liked my quote. There were those who agreed with me. There were many who liked my update and probably felt that it echoed their sentiments. One friend responded by saying that my writing inspires him, whenever I write.
Power of words over music. I felt instantly uplifted. I went back to music, of course, and continue to work by writing. That, my dear friends, is my daily bread and butter.

Raajneeti Film Review

I am not a film critic but definitely a film buff, which is why I enjoyed the contemporary Mahabharath version churned out by Prakash Jha in the movie, Raajneeti. Not only was the theater packed with families, everyone seemed so excited and expectant about this movie. The buzz was clear: people want pacy movies that are real and not typically love candy types where the hero is Rahul/Raj and the heroine is dressed to kill in designer wear.

What I liked most was to watch some of the best artists doing justice to their roles in a political movie like this one.  That itself is so rewarding for the viewers. However, I felt that Naseeruddin Shah had very little screen space and nothing spectacular came out of that role itsef because it was so clipped and sort of meant to be killed off before the character could establish any real connection. It felt sad to see such a fine artist being sidelined in a movie as grand as this. Nana, in the role of Krishna, was awesome. His expressions, body move…