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How to be happy and follow your joy trail

For parents, professionals and school going children, March is a super busy month. For me, as a mother, the icing on the cake is that my kid has entered the world of teenagers this month and I feel very emotional about every year that has whizzed by, catapulting my baby into...a teenager! I am sure most parents would agree with me when I say this - time simply flies! [READ: HOW to LOVE!]
The icing on the cake has been that winter has finally come to an end or so I have begun to feel. I can finally tuck away my heaps of sweaters, blankets and warm clothes to usher in the vibrant summer. I simply love summer and I can't wait to tell you how it feels to blossom under the sun, literally! Throughout winter, I have felt so frozen that I was counting every day to inch closer to summer. 
Simply put, I make room for more space, colours and joy in my home and heart. In our thoughts too, we can do the same. [Make room for more family love!] 
Tuck away the past me…

How to love and be happy

The scent of March is synonymous with spring, flowers that bloom and the warmth of the sun. But I am still cocooned in blankets and sweaters. The fragrance of spring has not reached me yet. In the last two months, it feels as though a lifetime has passed by. So many changes are unfolding around me, new situations surface, sometimes there are several new challenges too, but I don't find myself caught in a fog of confusion. I am watching everything, like kids watch clouds pass by, and letting it go.[READ: Lost someone you loved?]
                              [Photo by Petra Lespuchov√° on Reshot]
This is like being in a dreamy state - where you watch everything but you don't get carried away into reacting to it. 
Remember, to truly love, you need to step out of your ego, the feeling of "mine" and 'I' and that the whole world has to revolve around you.
Only then do you learn to truly love.
So, how did my inner journey begin? Let me share this with you. [READ: Crossi…