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Happy Birthday, Dad!

It's Dad's 70th birthday today. 

Dad has been my idol and my ideal throughout my growing years. 

Everything that I am is because of my father's love, trust and sacrifice.

Dad is some one whom Mata Amritanandamayi Devi referred to as "A man in whose footsteps God walks like a shadow...instead of the other way around. God walks behind him, because in every action, your father is God-like, he leads the way. God is bound and bonded to your father. In your father's presence, Amma (referring to herself) will stand up to show respect. He is such a great man."

Happy Birthday, Dad. We love you and it's not just us - every one who has been touched by your love and compassion loves you too!

Funny How a Baby can Change Your Life

It's funny how a baby can change your life. 

The only thing I care about right now is keeping this baby happy. 

A baby brings out the best in us....we become less selfish, more caring.

You spend hours just gazing into her face and begin to search for yourself in this little individual. 

She becomes your Universe, your everything.  You wonder what your days will be filled with when it's time to stop changing diapers, singing lullabies,etc.  

That's how my niece, Aishani makes me feel. Can't wait to watch her grow up.

Love you, gal!

Beat the Heat: 8 Ways to Stay Cool and Fresh Through Summer

Stepping out on a summer's day isn't easy. It's so harsh on a woman's skin.  The older you are, the more you need to care. What worked for your skin five or ten years ago may not help now - you have to discover new and easy ways to learn what benefits your skin.  These are a few of my favorite things: 1. Drink water throughout the day. Fresh juices and milkshakes also help. 2. Lots of coconut water. Yummy, nutritious and your skin just shines. 3. Lots of baths.   4. NEVER step out without a sunscreen. I have tried out so many different brands and nothing worked. Till I started using Vichy SPF 50. It has been good so far. 5. Avoid eating fried stuff during summer. 6. Pamper yourself with more fruits. Have lots of papaya. It brings that glow on your face. 7. You can also try Fab India's Haldi and Chandan pack. It feels delicious on your skin, smells hmmmm and your face feels so fresh afterwards. 8. Lots of Vitamin E cream (try Fab India Vitamin E cream). 
(Image: http://petalsfr…

Karma is a bitch

The good stuff in me I got from my dad. 
Best of all, I can smile with serenity when people cause me grief and pain.
So, what's the takeaway here? 

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[Image Credit: Canva]

Karma is a bitch. There's no escape for anyone. 
What you say and do to others comes back to you manifold.  [Do READ: 5 ways to take charge your anger

Can you share your thoughts on this? It would be inspirational to learn how you have tackled tricky or difficult situations.

Ask More, Fear Less: How we think about the choices we make

It is easy to get caught up in following what others do. But sometimes we also need to enjoy the quirks of "thinking" for ourselves. 

There will always be specific areas where we wish we could be 100% perfect or that we could take a more balanced view.

Whatever that may be, how we think about the choices we make for ourselves is more important than what we think. 

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There's a well-know story about a lady who always cut off the end of the roast as a practice. 
When asked by her daughter why she followed this method, she had no answer. She didn't know. She said that her mom always did it and she had just followed it. 
She phoned her mom and asked why she always cut the end of the roast. Turns out that her mom only had a small roasting pan and the roasts never fit unless she chopped off the end of the roast. 
BUT now: she had a big roasting pan, so why was she cutting off the ends of the roast, like her…