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British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Talks Tough

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has definitely been on all the TV channels and news headlines as his visit came right on time when Pakistan has alleged that Indian air force violated its airspace. Of course, India has denied this.

What interested me more was that Gordon Brown asked India's permission to allow British cops to question Kasav, the main suspect and Pakistani terrorist who survived the Mumbai militant attack. Somehow, it struck me that the request has nothing to do with the Mumbai attack. After all, there is so much to read between the lines when the talks are about terrorism. Every country seems to be talking a different language on this, particularly Pakistan.

It is not just India that has blamed the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) for the siege and assault that took place in Mumbai but Kasav himself confessed that he had been trained by LeT. Perhaps the reason why Gordon Brown made the request for British cops to question Kasav has nothing to do with India at all but has ev…