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'Theevram' Movie Review: Theevram fails to Impress but Dulquar Salman delivers sans romance

Impressive and varied performances from the young actor Dulquar Salman will definitely strengthen his position in the Malayalam film industry. 

As you already know, Dulquar Salman surprised many by delivering two back to back hits starting with his debut film 'Second Show' and then in the super hit 'Ustad Hotel.' Theevram - Dulquar Salmaan's new movie is directed by Roopesh Peethambaran and produced by VC Ismayil.

I went to watch 'Theevram' because there is an expectation that has been set from Dulquar Salman's previous films. The fact that he is cutting away the typical 'star son moulds' and daring enough to experiment with debut directors and varied genres is sort of reassuring to Malayali film goers like me who want to see a positive change in the Malayalam film industry.
'Theevram' Story is smartly crafted but gets stuck in 'revenge' rut Theevram is a modern, smartly crafted and well scripted revenge story that begins with a crim…

Messed up Relationships:Three Easy Ways to Tackle it

In relationships, there's a lot that happens. We make mistakes, we fight it out and based on what happens thereafter, we forgive, let go or we walk off without a backward glance. Worst case scenario? We split up. But there's one thing though. Nothing erodes trust more than a lie or a ridiculous excuse that borders on being as dishonest or ethically incorrect or just plain malice or meanness. These are the surest culprits in eroding relationships and reducing them to nothing. Happens all the time. 

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1. Live in the Present, Take Responsible Action We live in the 'now' moment. The present is all that eventually matters. So if you have been lied to or your lie has been discovered, don't waste more time by thinking and worrying about it. ACT now. OWN up if you are guilty. CONFESS it with all your heart unless you don't feel guilty about what you've done. If you have been lied to, be at peace. Karma has a natural way of coming back to the perpe…

The Buddhist Belief: How not to have a Rebirth

The Buddhist recipe for this is quite simple. Firstly, have minimal desires. Secondly, do not harbour any feelings of anger, hatred, and jealousy towards any individual.                                                                                  (Source: Getty Images)

Arike malayalam movie review: Bittersweet love story with brilliant portrayal by supporting artists!

Director Shyamaprasad’s ‘Arike’ starring Dileep, Mamta Mohandas and Samvrutha had got mixed reviews and ‘the movie is boring’ comments from many friends and acquaintances. When I sat down and watched it, the experience was slow, sweet and painful. It was an intoxication of sorts. [READ: Which is Jayaram's first movie?]

Arike malayalam movie: Simple story, Subtle Performances ‘Arike’s story is simple. It revolves around the perfect couple Shanthanu (starring Dileep) and Kalpana (starring Samvrutha Sunil) whose best friend is Anuradha (starring Mamta Mohandas). The characterisation is what makes the movie interesting despite its slow pace. From the start, we see that the happily in love couple relying solely on Anuradha to arrange their clandestine meetings.  Anuradha doesn’t believe in love but she desperately wants her best friend’s affair to culminate in marriage and prove her wrong.
Arike malayalam movie: Striking Characterization in Arike Best friend Kalpana is from a rich Brahmin…

Penguin India Book Launch: Three Essential Elements to seduce all Book Lovers

When I received the invite to attend the book launch of “Princes and Painters in Mughal Delhi, 1707-1857”, edited by William Dalyrmple and Yuthika Sharma, I was over the moon. I have been an ardent fan ofWilliam Dalyrmple’s books. Let me begin with a note of appreciation with regard to the book launch that was organized by Penguin Books India with Shangri La’s Eros Hotel at CafĂ© Uno lawns, 19 Ashoka Road, New Delhi.  It was almost a fairy tale book launch because there was flawless perfection in all the arrangements that were made. Congrats to the teams of both Penguin Books India and Shangri La’s Eros Hotel that made this book launch almost unforgettable.
Make it special Having attended several book launches in New Delhi, I liked the attention to detail that was a real treat for the guests. There was a stamp of personalized service. Each guest was individually greeted by a small team of enthusiastic staff from Shangri La’s Eros Hotel and gifted an envelope that offers a ______ sshh! I…