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Book Review: Susunaga Weeraperuma's book of essays 'Clarity is the Only Spirituality' is a rare blend of philosophy with humour

Published by FingerPrint! Publishing, Susunaga Weeraperuma's collection of essays titled 'Clarity is the Only Spirituality' takes you through a diverse world that is battling complex problems with little clarity on the big picture. A heartwarming style of writing, peppered with a dash of good humour, makes this book a memorable, interesting read as it negotiates through the turbulent landscapes of human mind and emotion on all aspects of life. 

From several people I personally know, I had heard tales of how difficult it was to communicate to the French people in English. A veteran journalist had once told me that when he checked into one of their finest and best hotels way back in the 80s, the receptionist would not even acknowledge his queries unless he addressed her in the French language.

But hey, wait a minute! This author is living in France and he has pointed out that French schools don't even encourage or promote the use of English language. The author's candi…

How Parenting affects child behavior: Watching 'Bee Season' Taught Me Something Profound

It's been a rainy weekend and I loved being indoors, sipping piping hot chai to soothe my sore throat while watching some movies on Amazon Prime. The weather changes have added to my health woes and I was finding it difficult to breathe properly. Armed with books to read and movies to watch, I think I managed just fine. This weekend, I was watching The Bee Season starring Richard Gere (Alert: I just adore the man!), Juliette Binoche and Flora Cross, it struck me there are subtle yet profound takeaways for Indian families too. 

                                                                          [Source: ETV, Google]
For those who haven't watched "Bee Season" yet, it's about an American family that is falling apart. Saul is a Jewish scholar who has big dreams about training his daughter, Eliza through an ancient Jewish doctrine that can decode the mysteries of the Universe through the power of words. His passion soon turns into a full time obsession that rips a…

How to travel with family and create the coziest memories ever!

I know I haven't been blogging as often as I wanted to at the start of this year but so many things are happening in my life, like travel. For a working mom like me, the last time I traveled with my like ages ago. I do travel but mostly on my own and given the kind of school and work schedules that we have to balance out, it usually doesn't happen that we take a break for summer holidays as a family. Let me confess that it's pretty rare, which is why 2018 has been amazing for me. I got to travel with my family....yay!
Okay, so back to earth with a big bang, shall we?  
First, we headed to Gangtok, in Sikkim, via Siliguri in West Bengal. We had a fabulous time. My love for travel got a real boost, just as it used to in my childhood days, when my parents used to take us to different places during our summer vacations.
For me, the joys of travel have nothing to do with seeing new places, as it does with the fun-filled conversations we have with ourselves and the pe…