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Book Review: Susunaga Weeraperuma's book of essays 'Clarity is the Only Spirituality' is a rare blend of philosophy with humour

Published by FingerPrint! Publishing, Susunaga Weeraperuma's collection of essays titled 'Clarity is the Only Spirituality' takes you through a diverse world that is battling complex problems with little clarity on the big picture. A heartwarming style of writing, peppered with a dash of good humour, makes this book a memorable, interesting read as it negotiates through the turbulent landscapes of human mind and emotion on all aspects of life. 

From several people I personally know, I had heard tales of how difficult it was to communicate to the French people in English. A veteran journalist had once told me that when he checked into one of their finest and best hotels way back in the 80s, the receptionist would not even acknowledge his queries unless he addressed her in the French language.

But hey, wait a minute! This author is living in France and he has pointed out that French schools don't even encourage or promote the use of English language. The author's candid admission of struggling with the French language found me smiling as I read the details and funny episodes with increasing level of curiosity and interest.  [READ: The Amazing Tale of Peddabottu]

For instance, the author talks about not being able to figure out the correct word in French and a French lady snubs him, "Your mind isn't developed."

Another time, a shopkeeper acquaintance asks him in a rather annoyed way, "Why do you speak to your wife in English?"

This almost got me falling off my chair, cracking up. From personal experience, I had been of a mistaken impression that only Indian shopkeepers ask such nosy questions. I guess it can be a universal thing too, huh!

For those who enjoy the rare blend of philosophy with humour, the sheer charm of reading this book would be hard to resist. 

Another example I can't help citing from this book pertains to where the author talks about J.Krishnamurti's book 'At the Feet of the Master' where he likens the human body to a horse, with certain basic guidelines to be followed. 

For instance, the horse has to be treated well, properly taken care of and be fed only good food and it has to be kept clean. In the same way,  J.Krishnamurti points out that the human body must be perfectly in good health to become capable of undertaking the arduous work of spiritual preparation. The author has dedicated a chapter on  J.Krishnamurti's perspective on sex and celibacy too. 

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Little heartwarming details like 'Yoga first, breakfast later' make the experience of reading this book a memorable one. For instance, Claudia's feathered friends are always welcomed with a watering trough and leftover food and the couple work hard to grow their own cherry trees and olive trees and extract olive oil, making sure the water they use is pure and unpolluted. 

Details like these are nothing extraordinary but these ordinary moments are what connect human beings to make habitats into homes. Okay, maybe I am too emotional about the ordinary moments of life but I also celebrate them like a personal expression of gratitude to the Universe.

Simply put, 'Clarity is the Only Spirituality' is a small book of essays that have been penned in short chapters that glimmer with the practical wisdom of knowledge, garnered from years of traveling across the world.


Rajeev Singhal said…
When we are in tune with our self, nature, God, we are being spiritual.
It is the concern with inner peace, happiness, forgiveness, love and patience