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Sufism in India: Rooted in Love, Sacrifice and Mysticism

My fascination with the Sufi way of life took root when I first read 'The Forty Rules of Love.' Various Sufism quotes in the book mesmerized me. In Bilquis Jehan Khan's memoir, A Song of Hyderabad, her valuable insights are elaborated in Chapter 21 titled, 'A Holy Man's Life and Works." [READ: What are Tantric Practices? Find out!]

What is the most important belief in Sufism? The author writes in her memoirs, "A Sufi should renounce himself, not others. My father used to say that while a man must stand in the water, his clothes should not get wet. Of course, this is an impossible ideal, but Sufis accept that the goal lies very far away."  
She quotes her father's words, "Everyone has a pure heart, but on all hearts you normally find a layer of black tarnish. Why? Because like silver, a heart needs to be polished! And the only way to polish it is to call upon God's name."  
[READ: A Song of Hydera…

Are overnight oats healthy? Easy, nutritious and super yummy for work day mornings!

I am not an oats fan. In fact, I have never liked oats. No wonder, my mother had a tough time forcing oats as part of my daily diet and it continued till college. These old school memories bring a big smile to my face, especially since now I am in the mom's role. [READ: Balanced diet for Ladies - Eat According to Your Age]
                   [Image: Pixabay]

Funny enough, I try to convince my 13 year old boy to try overnight oats, which has now become my favourite comfort-health food.  
As a busy working mom, I think and feel differently about oats now. On several food blogs, I happened to find overnights oats recipes, citing it as a super food as it comes power packed with nutrients. 
But that's not it. [DO READ: Why Salad is Good for You!]
You know, it is so easy to make. 
Plus, you can do so many experiments with flavours and textures.
You can create layers, which is something I enjoy doing.
Spice it up with a cinnamon stick and a dash of vanilla essence. Yummy!
Or plop mangoes bet…