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Crossing forty is fun and now I'm loving it!

As I battle winter's blues with cozy blankets and warm sweaters, I can't help saying that during my teenage years, I always dreaded turning forty years old. Two years ago, I panicked as my health took a bit of a real hit and my stress levels soared. Now in fact, I am loving it! [READ: Say a Little Prayer for Me!]
I no longer feel the need to prove anything to myself or to others. I am at peace with the person I am. Every day, I feel that the whole Universe is opening up to embrace me, watch me grow into a being that is constantly evolving.  [DO READ: Mahashivaratri - I'm LOVING it!]

Turning older has made me very cautious about the kind of people I spend my time and conversations with. I stay away from "energy vampires" - sometimes we all run into people who are so full of complaints and negative energy that once they leave, their vibes drain our positive energy! Nowadays I keep a safe d…

Make room for more family love

2019 is a year that excites me. I want to stay committed to some positive choices in my life to grow as a better human being every day. The smallest changes we make in our daily life can trigger a world of a difference. [READ: Lost someone you loved?]


For instance, something as simple as meditating together, folding the clothes together, reading out a bed time story together or even meeting elderly family members and having a conversation with them is far more valuable to our life than wasting time browsing on the Internet and social media.
As women and particularly as mothers, I feel that we tend to be highly critical about ourselves and our choices. 
This year, let's change the narrative and be kinder to our selves. So, how do we start? [READ: FIVE Powerful Ways to Teach Your Child to Care] 
Let go of judging ourselves harshly.

We need to learn to love ourselves.

Spend more time with our loved ones, particularly the el…

Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi: A little girl's beautiful memory of Blantyre!

Dear friends, this is my first post in the New Year. So, I want to begin by wishing you all a blessed start to a beautiful New Year! As a child, I used to stay awake with my parents to welcome the New Year with a spirit of cheer and joy. [READ: The Wisest Lesson I learned in 2018]

                [Image Source: Malawi - Nyasaland historical moments FB page ]
The Internet has transformed how people like me (read: introverts) communicate. It brings us closer to the things that we miss the most. 
For instance, there is a Facebook group page on Malawi, one of the African countries where I grew up. The participants are those who grew up in Malawi. They share old pictures of the town they grew up. Old family souvenirs find a special place in the group. While scrolling through the Nyasaland-Malawi Facebook page, I found images of the famous Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre. 
So, why did my eyes shimmer with tears that refused to flow?
Was it nostalgia? 
Was it a sense of loss? [READ: Los…