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Lisey's Story

Though i have read many books of different writers especially books by Stephen King, his novel 'Lisey's Story' fascinated me in a strange way. For once, Stephen King author defied my imagination as I couldnt visualize where the story plot is headed to yet every page posed a challenge and my curiosity as a reader made me want to make sense of the strangest terms that are used as intimate expressions of language such as 'blood bool' and 'babyluv' and many more. Writing books seemed to come naturally to the author.

In this novel, two hidden worlds are explored, one is the private life of a recently assassinated best-selling writer, as seen from the perspective of his widow. The second relates to imaginative landscape that is part of the reality the writer is believed to have experienced in his childhood and related it to his wife,Lisey.

Lisey is hounded after his death not just by memories but by academics, dangerously obsessed fans, and fame-struck people who j…