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Crossing forty is fun and now I'm loving it!

As I battle winter's blues with cozy blankets and warm sweaters, I can't help saying that during my teenage years, I always dreaded turning forty years old. Two years ago, I panicked as my health took a bit of a real hit and my stress levels soared. Now in fact, I am loving it! [READ: Say a Little Prayer for Me!]
I no longer feel the need to prove anything to myself or to others. I am at peace with the person I am. Every day, I feel that the whole Universe is opening up to embrace me, watch me grow into a being that is constantly evolving.  [DO READ: Mahashivaratri - I'm LOVING it!]
Turning older has made me very cautious about the kind of people I spend my time and conversations with. I stay away from "energy vampires" - sometimes we all run into people who are so full of complaints and negative energy that once they leave, their vibes drain our positive energy! Nowadays I keep a safe d…
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Make room for more family love

2019 is a year that excites me. I want to stay committed to some positive choices in my life to grow as a better human being every day. The smallest changes we make in our daily life can trigger a world of a difference. [READ: Lost someone you loved?]


For instance, something as simple as meditating together, folding the clothes together, reading out a bed time story together or even meeting elderly family members and having a conversation with them is far more valuable to our life than wasting time browsing on the Internet and social media.
As women and particularly as mothers, I feel that we tend to be highly critical about ourselves and our choices. 
This year, let's change the narrative and be kinder to our selves. So, how do we start? [READ: FIVE Powerful Ways to Teach Your Child to Care] 
Let go of judging ourselves harshly.

We need to learn to love ourselves.

Spend more time with our loved ones, particularly the el…

Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi: A little girl's beautiful memory of Blantyre!

Dear friends, this is my first post in the New Year. So, I want to begin by wishing you all a blessed start to a beautiful New Year! As a child, I used to stay awake with my parents to welcome the New Year with a spirit of cheer and joy. [READ: The Wisest Lesson I learned in 2018]

                [Image Source: Malawi - Nyasaland historical moments FB page ]
The Internet has transformed how people like me (read: introverts) communicate. It brings us closer to the things that we miss the most. 
For instance, there is a Facebook group page on Malawi, one of the African countries where I grew up. The participants are those who grew up in Malawi. They share old pictures of the town they grew up. Old family souvenirs find a special place in the group. While scrolling through the Nyasaland-Malawi Facebook page, I found images of the famous Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre. 
So, why did my eyes shimmer with tears that refused to flow?
Was it nostalgia? 
Was it a sense of loss? [READ: Los…

Learn to Behave: The Wisest Lesson I Learned in 2018

It's amazing how 2018 has been flying faster than a jet! Have you felt the same way too? Come on, look at your calendar, people! The New Year is just around the corner! There is so much to be done. [DO READ: A Dad's Advice to the Daughter He loves]

                                                               [Image: Pixabay]The 'good' is that I did a lot of things that are unusual for me. I traveled a lot with my family and friends this year. The big surprise is that I also undertook a trip to Malaysia without my friends or family members accompanying me - now, that is a big first and I learned that I can manage perfectly well on my own. You can read about it hereand I traveled a lot with my colleagues too. 
Guess what? 
Did I miss telling you about my newfound love for sushi? I also had different kinds of sushi for breakfast during my first trip to Malayasia in October, not to mention crispy, delectable crab fritters and fish soup, again for breakfast! Simply put, I di…

Book Review: Salil Desai's thriller 'The Sane Psychopath' explores human rage and sorrow

Are some crimes unpardonable? That's the question that roared through my mind as I read Salil Desai's crime thriller,  "The Sane Psychopath".  The plot revolves around a bus driver called Shankar Lande in Pune, who went on an hour-long rampage. In one hour, ten people were killed on the roads of Pune, 70 maimed, and over 100 vehicles were injured. The people of Pune are angry and they want nothing less than the death penalty for the man. No lawyer is ready to defend a man who has committed such a heinous crime. At this point, a young advocate called Varun Gupte decides to defend the man and all hell breaks loose as political parties, the Bar Association and citizens groups are outraged by this lawyer's decision. That Varun Gupte chooses to represent the accused at a time when his marriage has been fixed points to a larger problem - increasingly, our professional choices clash with the happiness of our loved ones.

Varun Gupte's meeting with Shankar Lande's …

Lost someone you loved? Powerful lessons I learned in 2018

Winter mornings, go away! Cloud skies, I don't want to wake up to you. Sometimes I feel that waking up is becoming harder each day. The sun looks like a pale yolk and I feel so blue. These early winter mornings are tough, I tell you!
[Do Read: A Dad's Advice to the Daughter He loves]


Now I don't know how these last months have been for you. For me, October has been the toughest month so far. My family lost a very dear and much loved person. It was a huge personal loss for me and nothing less than devastating for my parents. But this loss also taught me lessons that I can never forget.   

Beautiful memories live forever
My mother tells me that when she got married and came to her new home, it is my aunts (father's sisters) who made her feel most loved, cared for and welcome. My aunt Manivalima, who passed away in October, was more like a best friend to my mother. Their love towards each other was such that whatever my aunt would cook for lunch…

Book Review: Mehak Daleh's thriller 'And the Roses Bled' captures your curiosity from start till the end

When I began to read Mehak Daleh's debut novel, "And the Roses Bled", I could feel a chill around me, as though the dark narrative is casting its shadows while the characters came to life, particularly the little girls. I found myself looking behind my shoulders. I also liked the subtle ways through which the novel's gripping narrative turns many cliches about crime thrillers upside down.

"Kids know things....they do. But sometimes they refuse to accept or acknowledge what they feel uncomfortable with. They refuse to see it. It is survival. The child has to survive. So, they block things.

The story revolves around a catastrophe that strikes the lives of two little girls. The twins, Nina and Alisha, are happy little girls until one goes missing. What the other twin goes through is nothing less than a nightmare. You feel deeply for every emotion that Alisha is going through. She can feel everything her missing twin feels. Imagine how scary that feels! Her sig…

Ranam Detroit Crossing Movie Review: Prithviraj-Rahman deliver powerful performances in this gangster saga

After Mumbai Police, Prithviraj Sukumaran and Rahman are back together in this thriller! Nirmal Sahadev's directorial debut 'Ranam', starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Rahman, Isha Talwar and Nandu, is an ambitious, powerful and disturbing thriller. It revolves around an unusual theme - Detroit's underworld.
[READ: Mumbai Police Movie Review]

The narrative opens up with gripping questions.
What does Detroit mean anymore to the world? 
What hopes and dreams can immigrants have in a city where drug wars are a daily affair and violence is a way of life?
Right from the beginning of the film, the helplessness of Indian immigrants is evident, when Prithviraj's voice over brims with sombre tones about the lost glory of Detroit. You are unknowingly pulled into the gloom and despair the city's dark images evoke.
Ranam Story
'Aadhi' (starring Prithviraj) is Detroit's best known getaway driving champion and he deals with deadly party drugs. I am not entirely thrilled wit…