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Learn to Behave: The Wisest Lesson I Learned in 2018

It's amazing how 2018 has been flying faster than a jet! Have you felt the same way too? Come on, look at your calendar, people! The New Year is just around the corner! There is so much to be done. [DO READ: A Dad's Advice to the Daughter He loves]

                                                               [Image: Pixabay]The 'good' is that I did a lot of things that are unusual for me. I traveled a lot with my family and friends this year. The big surprise is that I also undertook a trip to Malaysia without my friends or family members accompanying me - now, that is a big first and I learned that I can manage perfectly well on my own. You can read about it hereand I traveled a lot with my colleagues too. 
Guess what? 
Did I miss telling you about my newfound love for sushi? I also had different kinds of sushi for breakfast during my first trip to Malayasia in October, not to mention crispy, delectable crab fritters and fish soup, again for breakfast! Simply put, I di…

Book Review: Salil Desai's thriller 'The Sane Psychopath' explores human rage and sorrow

Are some crimes unpardonable? That's the question that roared through my mind as I read Salil Desai's crime thriller,  "The Sane Psychopath".  The plot revolves around a bus driver called Shankar Lande in Pune, who went on an hour-long rampage. In one hour, ten people were killed on the roads of Pune, 70 maimed, and over 100 vehicles were injured. The people of Pune are angry and they want nothing less than the death penalty for the man. No lawyer is ready to defend a man who has committed such a heinous crime. At this point, a young advocate called Varun Gupte decides to defend the man and all hell breaks loose as political parties, the Bar Association and citizens groups are outraged by this lawyer's decision. That Varun Gupte chooses to represent the accused at a time when his marriage has been fixed points to a larger problem - increasingly, our professional choices clash with the happiness of our loved ones.

Varun Gupte's meeting with Shankar Lande's …