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Learn to Behave: The Wisest Lesson I Learned in 2018

It's amazing how 2018 has been flying faster than a jet! Have you felt the same way too? Come on, look at your calendar, people! The New Year is just around the corner! There is so much to be done. [DO READ: A Dad's Advice to the Daughter He loves]  

                                                               [Image: Pixabay]

The 'good' is that I did a lot of things that are unusual for me. I traveled a lot with my family and friends this year. The big surprise is that I also undertook a trip to Malaysia without my friends or family members accompanying me - now, that is a big first and I learned that I can manage perfectly well on my own. You can read about it here and I traveled a lot with my colleagues too. 

Guess what? 

Did I miss telling you about my newfound love for sushi? I also had different kinds of sushi for breakfast during my first trip to Malayasia in October, not to mention crispy, delectable crab fritters and fish soup, again for breakfast! Simply put, I did do many things that I normally do not do and I am only talking about fun stuff, nothing mischievous or scandalous. 

You probably understand I am at that phase in my life where the Seeker in me finds God alone in everyone and in everything. 

The good is what I love to focus on.  [DO READ: MY 1st Jodhpur Trip]

I am also embracing the 'bad' because it taught me the most valuable lesson of my life: Learn to Behave. 

To put it simply, I learned it from one of India's great spiritual masters, Sri Yukteshwar ji. 

He told his disciple Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, "Learn to behave." 

'Learn to Behave' is what I tell myself across all interactions and activities. 

As an introvert and some one who is very sensitive about things, I find that this mantra 'learn to behave' helps me to keep my feelings under control, even when it is perhaps the toughest thing to tackle. Learning to cope with the absence of someone you love deeply, for example. Or, learning to live life without the presence of the person whose advice and guidance you have always sought for your own sense of satisfaction.  [READ: Lost someone you loved?]

It dawns upon me that everyone we love cannot stand with us all of the time, that their priorities are more important and that sometimes, it is their own goodness that made them stretch for us. 

Sometimes, we lose track of the sacrifices that others make, we take them for granted in our life and later, wish we hadn't stretched their patience too far. 

"Learn to behave" is a beautiful reminder when you are tempted to stretch the patience of loved ones.

'Learn to Behave' stops me from being ego-centric in my interactions or while reacting to difficult situations. 

'Learn to Behave' works when I feel hurt too. 

I tell myself, "If you feel so hurt by this person's words/actions, it's a good reminder to LEARN TO BEHAVE so that you don't do this to another person."

It sounds pretty simple and straightforward. But when you try and put this into practice, boy, oh boy! You realise how tough it is to do one small thing of improving yourself...I struggle with this every day.....but I keep trying.

So, it's your turn now. 

What is that one invaluable lesson 2018 has gifted you?

Do comment under this blog post. I'd love to know.