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A Book Review: Pervin Saket's novel 'Urmila' is a beautifully crafted, compelling story that you must read

At 4 AM, I almost fell asleep at the New Delhi airport while waiting for my flight to Bangalore. This is when Pervin Saket’s novel titled ‘Urmila’ caught my eye.
I was suddenly wide awake.
I was glued to the book ‘Urmila’ right from the moment I found my seat.
Pervin Saket’s novel ‘Urmila’ makes the reader pause and wonder after every chapter, “What’s going through Urmila’s mind now? What will happen next?”

Here’s a sentence that I particularly loved:
The moment a desire dies is a sharp one. As pointed as the splutter of a mustard seed, as shrill as a whine, as heavy as a star on a clear night.
Here’s another one:
Marriage is an act of balance. On the one hand, you feel right about something and you make a decision. On the other hand, once you decide, you make it right.
‘Urmila’ is a contemporary take on a woman’s inner journey and the physical experience of a loveless marriage, where her spouse is more devoted to his sibling.  The author has maintained a fine balance between delicacy a…

So, what's wrong with being an introvert?

I have always liked being alone - be it at school, college, work, family get togethers. 
At other kids' birthday parties, the moms get together and talk about their in-laws, their spouses and children.  I feel like an alien. 

Ask me about the Indian economy or politics or books, I can still make an attempt at decent conversations. 

But no, the moms tend to talk about irregular periods and different colors of baby poo over a slice of cake, some bourbon biscuits and tea. That's when I am tempted to jump off from the nearest cliff. 
I have nothing that I want to share. That's the problem. 

                                                                        [Image: Unsplash]
I like being alone. What's wrong with it?
[Do read! Quiet: The POWER of Introverts]
I have tried to come out of my "shell" but I am happiest and at my most peaceful self when I am alone. I can be a fun person to hang out with when I am with my loved ones or close friends. 
This article by Deboshre…

You should do this one thing every time you are worried or depressed

Our thoughts worry us all the time, especially about the future.

Sri Ramana Maharshi has these simple tips to tackle worries or depression:
1. Take the mind to its starting place again and again.
2. The mind exists only by reason of thought.
3. Stop the thought. Then there is no mind. [READ: How to control the quality of thoughts in your mind]

The meaning of this teaching is powerful - The Real You is Divine, untouched by sorrow, worry or any kind of suffering. 

Therefore, ask yourself when upset or worried, "Who is it that is angry/upset/hurt/worried? The real me is pure love energy, the real me is Divine."