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So, what's wrong with being an introvert?

I have always liked being alone - be it at school, college, work, family get togethers. 

At other kids' birthday parties, the moms get together and talk about their in-laws, their spouses and children.  I feel like an alien. 

Ask me about the Indian economy or politics or books, I can still make an attempt at decent conversations. 

But no, the moms tend to talk about irregular periods and different colors of baby poo over a slice of cake, some bourbon biscuits and tea. That's when I am tempted to jump off from the nearest cliff. 

I have nothing that I want to share. That's the problem. 

                                                                        [Image: Unsplash]

I like being alone. What's wrong with it? 

I have tried to come out of my "shell" but I am happiest and at my most peaceful self when I am alone. I can be a fun person to hang out with when I am with my loved ones or close friends. 

This article by Deboshree sums up the dilemma of an introvert with disturbing accuracy:

"I have always been a quiet person. I operate best in less-talk-involved settings.It’s how you are; you can’t snap out of it." 

"Their (introvert's) unwillingness to chat you up all the time doesn’t imply antagonism, indifference or scorn. It only implies that they want some quiet time."


But I know one thing.

Whether we are introverts or not, we will be remembered for the crazy funny sort of happiness that we share with loved ones. 

That's good enough, I guess.


Vishnu said…
This is an extrovert's world Swapna - we are just living in it:)

While my writing allows me to embrace my introvertedness fully, the rest of my day brings me in contact with many. I've learned to create the reservoir of energy needed to be with with this outside world.