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Ranam Detroit Crossing Movie Review: Prithviraj-Rahman deliver powerful performances in this gangster saga

After Mumbai Police, Prithviraj Sukumaran and Rahman are back together in this thriller! Nirmal Sahadev's directorial debut 'Ranam', starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Rahman, Isha Talwar and Nandu, is an ambitious, powerful and disturbing thriller. It revolves around an unusual theme - Detroit's underworld.
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The narrative opens up with gripping questions.
What does Detroit mean anymore to the world? 
What hopes and dreams can immigrants have in a city where drug wars are a daily affair and violence is a way of life?
Right from the beginning of the film, the helplessness of Indian immigrants is evident, when Prithviraj's voice over brims with sombre tones about the lost glory of Detroit. You are unknowingly pulled into the gloom and despair the city's dark images evoke.
Ranam Story
'Aadhi' (starring Prithviraj) is Detroit's best known getaway driving champion and he deals with deadly party drugs. I am not entirely thrilled wit…

It's September 2018 already - wow!

It's September already - wow! That is how I feel about every passing month in 2018. No other year has brought so many changes, month by month, in my life. This is more like, 'you are kidding me, right?' roller coaster ride, with stunning 'UPs' and some heart-wrenching 'LOWs.' [READ: Feeling depressed?]
                                                                              {Image: Pixabay} You know, there were days when I felt like there is no humanity left in this world. Swami often says, "Trust only in God." What a beautiful reminder, isn't it?
The silver lining is that the sun never stops shining and life goes on, right? We have to put ourselves together and face every challenge squarely. Not easy, but that is what real personal growth is finally about.
The most important lesson is that your happiness is your priority. No one else can safeguard it for you. Not your family members or your best friends.
The challenge is to find useful ways t…