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Today's Menu is.....

Having digested many recipe books in bits, pieces and glossy versions, I made Shanghai Fried Rice, Mixed vegetables in Oyster sauce and Bread Pudding. The first two turned out really well, the flavors and colors came alive and just tasted awesome. The pudding - I've kept it to set in the fridge - lets see how it will turn out - it smells divine though.
Reminds me of a quote by Voltaire, "Nothing could be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity."
What do you think?

The Story of Lord Krishna & a Thief

Long, long ago, when robbery and burglary were harmless, respectable professions (no thanks to Robin Hood) that did not involve beheading or killing innocent people, there lived a good thief. Now, don’t misunderstand, we call him good because he had a good heart and well, being a thief was just a temporary situation of sorts, if you know what I mean. The thief hid in a house where a scholar was expounding on the MahaBhagawatham, the story of  Lord Krishna. The scholar was describing the enchanting beauty of Krishna and Balaram and listing details of the jewelry and clothes that they wore. The thief could think of nothingelse. He had to find the two kids and grab their ornaments. He jumped out of his hiding place and demanded to know the address of the two children.
The poor scholar, who feared for his life more than anythingelse, told the thief that the kids lived in Mathura. The thief set off to find them. Day and night, he searched for them, their beautiful forms were in his mind and h…

Dinner Ready: Strawberry Souffle is for Dessert

I have to admit that I havent done in cooking in a long, long time. Not because I don't like to but because I usually have no time and I really need time to get into cooking mode.
So, today, I decided I wanted to cook. I knew that I wanted to do something special and fun. Yet I wanted to also keep it simple.
I made Vegetable Biriyani, Cashew Chicken curry (courtesy: Lathika George's amazing cookbook titled 'The Suriani Kitchen') and Strawberry Souffle. Except for the Biriyani, I was making the other two for the first time and I had serious fears that they would turn out less than palatable, because I have very little faith in my culinary skills these days.
Finally, everything was done and before I got an opportunity to taste it to check if everything is ok, Hubby rings the bell. Whoops! I was nervous. I rushed to open the door, and everything happened so fast coz Adi was screaming, somebodyelse was at the door, I got a call and what not. Hubby had dinner before I could s…

Young at heart Census Lady

Yesterday morning, a middle aged lady came home. She came to take the Census survey. Courteous, well spoken and warm, she asked about the details she needed to complete the survey.
I had to sign on the paper with the date. I looked at her, enquiringly for the date.
She smiled, and said, "How can you forget today's date? It's Valentine's day. You young people should be celebrating, isn't it?"
I turned red. Some people are blessed enough to be young at heart. I looked back at myself, wondering whether the years of this rebellious romantic spirit that had once been mine has gone - somewhere down the line, I have become more serious about my life, like a typical Indian mom, and I guess I am more Indian than I'd imagined. 

Celebrate Love, Not Valentine's Day!

In my growing up days (don't read it as synonymous with getting old and demented please), Valentine's Day had no importance. My parents didn't celebrate it but they have always been in love. My grandparents probably never heard of it but I believe they loved and respected each other too. And myself? Growing up, I thought it was a day when we got a legitimate excuse to watch adults do a lot of kissing and more on TV, and they called it romantic movies, of course. Now, they've even done away with that cheap thrill...they have it in every song, ad and whatever, you fear what you will see on TV than anythingelse, especially if your kids are around!
Today. it's truly different in India. My friends and I in law college marked our protest for this day by wearing only black, while others wore red. Of course, all three of us had love marriages but my point is - preach against love, you will end up doing the opposite in life:)
But anyway, I always found these celebrations and …