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Love's Journey, Swami's Blessings

I was born a dreamer. A nomad in my heart and in my soul, one who wandered between worlds and words with a curiosity to discover more realms beyond the mundane and the ordinary. While doing so, I was also breaking traditions and conventions without a backward glance.The only one who can persuade me to see things differently is SWAMI. 
       (Image: Radio Sai)
At 18 years, I fell deeply in love. Today, with Swami's grace, I am marking my seventeenth wedding anniversary with the same person whose every smile and conversation made me feel 'this is my world forever.' 
We began our life together with just the blessings of our parents and our loved ones and most importantly, Swami's abundant love and blessings.
Till we got married, our lives had been fairly simple and closely protected. We had never taken the responsibility of managing money as our parents were always super protective about us and providing for our every need, as is the case with most middle class families in I…

How to heal yourself: Easy Steps to Self Healing

This morning, I woke up to a beautiful, rain-laden skyline. Hidden from the scorching sun, the clouds look serene. In a way, we are not different from these clouds.  As the day progressed, the day seemed to alter my happy energy. 
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We are affected by the energies of the people we interact with. Wondering how to heal yourself when tackling negative energy? Self healing is possible. Your next question may be: Can you heal yourself with your mind? Of course you can!
In fact, each person you meet and interact with leaves their own unique energy signature on you. That is why some people 'drain' your energy whereas others 'fuel' and 'lift' your energy, so always identify and pay attention to these energies that you can tune into. 
Children, on the other hand, are quick to spend time with those they enjoy being with. They play only with others whom they have a good time with. If you observe children closely, y…