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Vikramadityan Review: Disappointing movie from Lal Jose, Dulquar pales before Unni Mukundan in performance

Directed by Lal Jose, "Vikramadithyan" is a movie that has all the “right ingredients” for a ‘crowd puller.’ The star cast has Dulquar Salmaan, Unni Mukundan, Namitha Pramod, Anoop Menon, and Lena, among others.To me, it felt as though the real lead actors of this movie are Anoop Menon, Lena and Unni Mukundan – their performances, timing and dialogue delivery are excellent and memorable. Their characterization is well-fleshed out and has both depth and consistency from start to finish.
(Source: Vikramadityan Review: Weak story I liked the starting point of "Vikramadithyan" as it unfolds a realistic love story that fails between Vasudev Shenoy (starring Anoop Menon) and Lakshmi Nair (starring Lena), who are police officers but don’t end up marrying each other as they wished to.  Lakshmi gets married to another man who woos her by pretending to be a spunky police officer and Vasudev Shenoy marries another lady from his community. Both the couples have son…

Book Review: Nan Umrigar's Sounds of Silence, A Bridge Across Two Worlds

The year 1978 was a glorious one for Karl Umrigar – a young man who won many prestigious horse races, including the Indian 2000 Guineas and the Indian Oakes. Finally, Karl Umrigar fulfilled his dream – every jockey’s dream– to win the Indian Derby. His name remains in the Indian Derby scroll of honour. 
But just at exactly the moment Karl won, he fell from the horse.  A fall that finally saw the country mourn for him when the headlines of the Indian Express read, “The King is Dead.” Karl Umrigar, the young champion and loved by many, was laid to rest on May 3, 1979.
Karl Umrigar’s Death: Bridge between Two Worlds You can imagine what Karl’s death did to his family, particularly his mother – Nan Umrigar. She says, “Nothing could have prepared us for the darkness that descended upon us – nothing!
While her family tried to pull on with daily routine, Nan Umrigar found herself in such a state of agony and trauma that she couldn’t resume a normal life. She couldn’t let go of her son.
She heard…

Five Exceptional Posts That Will Motivate You Today

Welcome to my first-of-its-kind monthly selection of exceptional posts from around the web. Reason? We read so many informative things online everyday. But we tend to forget faster than we read. I want to start “capturing” it by putting it on my blog. This way, it stays sticky in my mind and I won’t forget it. Better still, you can read it too, take what’s interesting to you and come back to it whenever you want to, and so will I. 

Sit back and hope to see you enjoy reading these posts!
Afraid to quit your job because it pays your bread and butter?  Look at it with holistic vision and embrace  a different course of action!I think you will LOVE this post by Vishnu. If you have troubles surrounding you 24X7, this will help you to COUNT YOUR BLESSINGSLove to know what makes writing such an intensely creative and intense process?
Love to read literary magazines? Find some more to pamper the literary hunger. To toss up something easy, quick and healthy, try this omelette, it tastes YUM!I add …