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Fruity Thoughts

There are few things that are as colorful, rich and staggering in experience like fruits. There are so many beautiful fruits in this world that I cant help thinking, "What an artist the Creator is!" and maybe this sounds ridiculous, but organic food is a strict no-no for me right now. I dont buy it at all. Okay, getting back to fruits, I have always loved lemon, orange and strawberries. Right from the time I was a kid, those were my favorites. In Zambia, we had a beautiful home that was once owned by a devastatingly handsome Egyptian guy and he had maintained a sprawling garden where later my mother grew vegetables on the back portion of the house, lawns and dahlias on the front driveway and we had lots of mulberry trees from which I used to pick ripe, juicy berries and just eat them fresh. It's still a memory that is so rich in my mind. In our garden, we had a rather thorny looking flower clusters that if you touched the red bud flower, you would end up crying out becau…

My Sweet Cravings

Every one knows I go weak over yummy cakes, chocolate sundaes and desserts, not kheer or any other Indian dessert. Strawberries and cream....hmmm, totally yummy, dont you think? Chocolate flavor isnt far behind.....there's nothing that perks me up the way chocolate does. You know, the novel "Chocolat" was a sensational experience coz of the amazing, delectable descriptions of chocolate that the author gave, it was moutwatering, literally. But the movie was so dissappointing and colorless in comparison. Call me a chocoholic, whatever, but I totally get the point when my two year old son Jyotiraditya yells out, "Amma, Choca" coz i know exactly what he means.