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My Sweet Cravings

Every one knows I go weak over yummy cakes, chocolate sundaes and desserts, not kheer or any other Indian dessert. Strawberries and cream....hmmm, totally yummy, dont you think? Chocolate flavor isnt far behind.....there's nothing that perks me up the way chocolate does. You know, the novel "Chocolat" was a sensational experience coz of the amazing, delectable descriptions of chocolate that the author gave, it was moutwatering, literally. But the movie was so dissappointing and colorless in comparison.
Call me a chocoholic, whatever, but I totally get the point when my two year old son Jyotiraditya yells out, "Amma, Choca" coz i know exactly what he means.


Rainy said…
Oh all together you gave me craving for these adorable cream blend with sugar.
lovely post.