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Beat the Heat: 8 Ways to Stay Cool and Fresh Through Summer

Stepping out on a summer's day isn't easy. It's so harsh on a woman's skin. 
The older you are, the more you need to care. 
What worked for your skin five or ten years ago may not help now - you have to discover new and easy ways to learn what benefits your skin. 
These are a few of my favorite things:
1. Drink water throughout the day. Fresh juices and milkshakes also help.
2. Lots of coconut water. Yummy, nutritious and your skin just shines.
3. Lots of baths.  
4. NEVER step out without a sunscreen. I have tried out so many different brands and nothing worked. Till I started using Vichy SPF 50. It has been good so far.
5. Avoid eating fried stuff during summer.
6. Pamper yourself with more fruits. Have lots of papaya. It brings that glow on your face.
7. You can also try Fab India's Haldi and Chandan pack. It feels delicious on your skin, smells hmmmm and your face feels so fresh afterwards.
8. Lots of Vitamin E cream (try Fab India Vitamin E cream). 

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For more skincare tips, check out this post on Top 10 Skincare tips for Summer and do share your skin care tips too, I'd love to hear from you!