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Lots of Travel, Lots of Fun

The unexpected is always more fun.

Lots of travel in 2014 - this is not something I had expected because of the water tight, hectic schedule that is a part of my life. Like a bolt from the blue, travel simply happened...just like that. And the best part of my trip to Sydney is that I am getting lots of time to spend and enjoy with my nephew Vihaan, whom I have just seen fleetingly across the last few years. This isn't a guilt trip. It's an unexpected gift from God, bringing me lots of happiness and love. Thank you, God and dear Angels.

And I am loving every minute, as if it's a delicious feast to savor.


Asha said…
Enjoy Swapna! You are blessed, have fun. Happy for you:)
Vishnu said…
Enjoy your travels and have a great trip. Please post more photos:) of your adventures!
It seems that u had a wonderful trip. Wow the snap of the different food that u have shared seems yummy as well. Lots of love to u and ur family...keep posting with lots more.