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Do you know why you act the way you do?

In spirituality, motive is everything. Why you said what you did, why you acted the way you did and why you allowed your mind to think in a particular way. Yes, your motive is the most important thing, that one parameter on which you can judge yourself and be judged when the time is ripe.

                                                 (Image: Unsplash)

When you do an act of kindness, are you propelled by a need to be admired and respected? Then it's best not to do it at all. 

If you are doing good because it makes you feel your heart expand from within, embracing all of humanity, as part of your own Divine consciousness, you are at the right place.

Instead of judging others, concentrate on understanding and filtering your motive for every word and action that you undertake. Live in the moment but be aware of every breath you inhale and exhale. 

Your awareness of your own self is the essence of true spirituality.
What are you doing each and every thing for? What is the real motive? You've got to develop the habit of understanding yourself. That is the crux of spirituality. Everything else comes second. 


Swapna I totally agree with the last paragraph about food- no wonder there is this thing about "maa ke haath ka khana" - no chef can replace that taste-it is called love!
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Yep, absolutely with you on "maa ke haath ka khana"
peaceis eternal said…
really fantastic.. kinda touching my senses one way..
Thanks, glad to know that you liked it. Do drop by again.