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STOP Plagiarism! Act NOW!

Beware of this online cancerous growth of Plagiarism!  

It sounds like a silly, repetitive goofy gimmick to talk about but its not. Committing plagiarism is very common online. It is growing and we need to tackle this growing problem by facing it and joining hands to eliminate it.  If your purse, bank account or belongings were stolen, would you just let it be as is? Would you not want to do something about it? This is more serious than we can possibly imagine. We can't sit back and sympathize but we need to take action NOW!

Malar's blog, with its most delectable range of recipes, has been completely copied by a very focused, dedicated plagist. Can you begin to imagine what that means to a writer, who is one among us? Years of hard work, effort and invaluable quality have been stolen just like that! Including the beautiful photos! Tomorrow, it can happen to you and me.

You can make a difference by reporting this plagist blog
spam by clicking here.


Malar Gandhi said…
Dear Swapna,

Thanks for this timely help, truly it means so much to me. Thanks for standing up for me.
Viki's Kitchen said…
Thanks Swapna, This means a lot to me.
Petty Witter said…
This seems to be becoming an ever bigger problem. I was talking with a fellow blogger, an up-and-coming author who had discovered his set of short stories had been stolen (for that is what it was) and used on another site.
Hubby who works in a further education college says it is ahuge problem there as well with students simply down-loading the work of others.
Alyce said…
That is so crazy! I wonder how you would find out that was happening? I took a look at both sites and it looks to me like they were stealing recipes from other sites as well.

I'll be looking at Kitchen Tantra more (adding it to my reader) since I've been looking for some good Indian curry recipes. :)
hai Swapna..its great that you take effort to give such a post to make others careful...your support to malar is really of my friend also had experienced the same problem..not even the recipe, the snap which has written the name of my friends blog also was copied n pasted without any change in "pachakam website"...good job Swapna.. :)
Shilpa Garg said…

That's really sad and bad thing to happen! Nice of you to bring it up!!
Deviki @ Viki said…
Yeah it's a very dangerous thing and also it shows just how much of our effort are being taken away by the people...Great info by the way
chitra said…
That was really a nice piece of info. I never knew about it. I think that is the easiest way for some people.
Sojo Varughese said…
There are html/javascript codes available online, which you can copy and add to your lay out. Once you do that, no one can touch the content of your blog. I think you should suggest this to your friend. i have implemented the same on my blog. No one can touch it. Also, you must make sure that you do allow only a snippet of what you post on your rss feed. That will ensure people don't steal your rss feeds and post it elsewhere!
Thank you all for supporting this endeavor and for the suggestions that will be helpful for all of us who are hardworking, sincere bloggers.
Naarya said…
god...that was shocking...
Srivalli said…

Good of you to post abt this,