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What Bhakti means: Amazing story! This Italian Catholic Girl from Argentina left home to live in Prashanti Nilayam

I have just finished reading Elissa Bressnan's book, 'Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, My Best Friend: SNEHA - The Eight Step in the Path of Devotion.' Written with a real command over the events that began her spiritual journey and weaving it with her personal family details, Elissa's writing is lively, full of innocence and she is at her best when she is talking about her Italian roots and what faith means to many Italians. Elissa is an Italian girl, growing up in Argentina and her family worships Madonna (not the pop star!) and Saint Catherine and Saint Nicola among others. Throughout her early years, her interest in spirituality is evident and she explains it with small examples.

Some events happen in her life and Elissa finds herself in Prashanti Nilayam, where she begins to have faith in Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in every little thing that she does, be it a thought, word or action. 

From then, Elissa's life becomes a joyful celebration of embracing 'Sneha' in every possible way. She begins to undertake odd jobs as part of 'seva' (service rendered in a spirit of love and awareness that it is for God), which is believed to be the best form of worship.This doesn't mean her troubles are over and she doesn't even want reader to feel think so. She reveals how she finds joy in simple things, like singing her favourite Italian hymn while kneading dough to make pizzas.

She also talks openly about what she went through personally when Swami left his mortal body. 

Elissa is so open about her feelings that we feel we know her inside out. It didn't surprise me one bit when she finally opts to settle in India and to keep 'seva' as her priority. She is not defensive about her decision. What stands out is her happiness.  

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She's finally home and she knows it. India is her home.

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When a woman knows where her heart truly belongs, she's home. 

Elissa has finally found 'Sneha'. And I am so happy for her. 


Great post! The title was enough to attract my attention. :-)