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Why Om is powerful and important

Summers are here and I love to bask in the sunshine. We all do, don't we, especially after a brief spell of gloomy, dark winters? The last three months have been challenging for me on the path of Sadhana - many slip ups that I am not proud of. These are gentle reminders to maintain steadfast self-discipline. 

You may wonder, ''Why should one be disciplined on the spiritual path?"

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Can you study any subject and master it without exercising discipline? Whether you are a doctor, a lawyer, a stock exchange broker or a blogger, can you accomplish important milestones without sticking to a certain level of discipline in the way you work? The most successful people across all spheres of life are known to be highly disciplined.

As Swami often points out, even sports, which is meant for enjoyment, cannot have champions unless they are highly disciplined. If you are a blogger, don't you ensure a certain degree of discipline in your approach to finding topics you want to write about, the audience you are reaching out for and so on.

So, how can a seeker come close to the most important spiritual goal without a minimum degree of discipline? Different spiritual masters have recommended the chanting of Om on a regular basis. However, Sri M shares a practice to explain why Om is powerful and important to keep your mind under your control. 

Sri M says that you can visualise 'Om' in Devanagari script in golden letters. Begin this practice and while doing so, send out sincere prayers for the well being of the world. This was taught to Sri M by the much revered Babaji. 

The chanting of Om is known to bring transformation in your mind and body, cleanse your chakras and bring powerful positive energies to your self. Thoughts are transformed to pure gold, which is why this translates into positive actions. 

So, how about harnessing positive energy to fill your day? Make this a part of your daily routine and see the difference it brings to your thoughts and actions. 


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Religion’s Common Denominator? . . .The Light
God does not have a religion.
God does not speak a language.
God does not have a culture.
It is we who require these things.

This is a ground breaking memoir on the Near Death Experience that unveils the roots to a global spirituality.

Judith Lambert
Thanks much Judith, looking forward to reviewing your book on my blog soon.