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Weekend trip to Kochi: The simple joys of my home town

April 2018 has been an amazing month for me. I just got back after a fun-filled weekend trip to my home town in Kochi and for the first time, I did a lot of things that I don't usually do. Enjoying the yummy Vishu sadhya that was totally made at home by my mother-in-law and being pampered with the most delicious seafood! Some of you already know that Kochi is my favourite city. The beautiful place called 'Queen of Arabian sea' just warms my heart, with its sun-kissed, sparkling blue waters and more. This is the city where my dreams bloomed and I experienced the simple joys of a simple life. [Read: My Jodhpur Trip]

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Throughout the years I grew up in Africa, a part of me always longed for my ancestral home in Kochi. The simplicity of life lured me like nothing else. 

Walking in the rain, watching different shades of green come to life around me as I bit into crispy, golden pazhamporis made by my mother, while I sat back and enjoyed the magic of monsoons unfolding before my eyes, those were my happiest years ever. 

I still love the delectable varieties of seafood that I polish off my plate. And these are among the yummy perks of living in Kochi that I find hard to resist, not to forget the random ramblings and serious conversations with friends.

Yet a trip like this is not just about the food I eat or the people I meet, it's more than that for an emotional person like me. It's more about watering the emotional roots that hold me firmly on the ground that I walk upon. It's about feeling like I am a kid again and a loved, pampered one. It's all about revisiting my roots. 

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One of the funny takeaways for me from this trip has been about the underlying 'energies' that define all relationships. 

Sometimes you want to meet some one very badly and yet no matter how hard you try, it just doesn't materialise but when you go with the flow of not planning or resisting what is happening.

Then the most delightful surprises pass your path and fill you with unexpected joy. Meeting friends and the way our  conversations touched upon different topics helped me reflect on the 'vibrations' and 'energy' that define our relationships. 

With some friends, you find that no explanations are needed. 

With others, no amount of explanations are enough. 

Sometimes these meetings even feel like a journey of 'growing human together' as we share issues that we feel very strongly about.  

While one friend talks about her efforts to help autistic children and their parents without adopting the typical 'Why should it bother me' attitude, the other friend spoke about how she left a highly paying job to pursue her love for dance and music and now she gives regular performances across the city. In her words, ''There is no scope for the ego in art, as there is in a corporate job. You have to feel from the heart, bring the feeling to reflect in your hands, feet, eyes and expression. You have to shed all ego and unlearn everything to give life to the art that you want to portray. I find so much happiness and feel lighter in my heart.''

Their passion to pursue something they feel strongly about fills me with awe.

As wives and mothers, we have many roles to play and responsibilities to our families. I find it inspiring that here are my friends exploring unusual territories simply because they wanted to make the world a better place by living life on their own terms, without worrying about 'what will others think?'.

Wow - these are real women, real decisions, real change. I bow to them with all my heart and gratitude because I learned something precious through the conversations that we had. 

As one friend rightly told me while we sat in the Avenue center coffee shop in Panampilly Nagar,''No matter how we plan and try hard to meet some one, it won't happen unless our vibrational energies sync and match each other - ultimately, all relationships are based on the vibrations, the energy flow between two people.''  

I agree.

Around us, there is laughter from young teenagers who are enjoying their food with friends. Their eyes sparkle, their voices chime and I felt their happiness seep into me. It's like a beautiful confluence of happy energies meeting, passing and flowing.

Have you ever felt this way too?

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So, here's what I suggest that you try:

1. Take up some activity that is totally unplanned and see how it affects your energy - are you happier or not? Explore your inner self. Understand yourself.

2. Every time you meet a person, send tons of positive energy to them without using words. See what happens next. Find ways to feel happier within.

3. The unplanned isn't always scary. Sometimes just go with the flow. It requires courage and confidence.

Have you been doing something exciting and unplanned in the last couple of months? I am on a roll, so tell me about it, okay?


KParthasarathi said…
An interesting read of a visit to her native town of a home sick individual and her reliving the fond memories of childhood and meeting friends who are involved in their chosen areas.
@KP Parthasarathi: And that's a perfect summing up, thank you:)