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Parenting skills: Why time management is important for you

2018 has been a startling eye-opener for me. The most important learning for me has been precious: ''Family time is sacred.'' [Read: Time Management Tips]

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Now that summers are officially here, as parents, we should come up with fun-filled ways to manage 'family time.'  I love to bask in the sun with my kid and feel the sand in my toes and I don't like to stress out when summer vacations are just around the corner. If you seem to be struggling with just getting your daily time management schedule in place, here are some practical tips.

Plan and prioritise your daily work schedule 

This is important. Earlier, I found myself making the BIG mistake of prioritizing other people's routines into my family time. Helping others is a choice you make but try to always stick to your family schedule and focus on the tasks that are important to you.   

Do something special for your family every day

I have a 12 year old kid who loves 'surprises' and it took me a while to figure out that these don't have to be 'big' surprises. It could be a song that you suddenly decide to share with your kid, a bed time story that will make both of you laugh to bits and keep you awake an extra hour or even taking the time out to go on a stroll with him so that he can share what's on his mind with you. 

Make sleep time a fun-filled routine

Be it singing a song that may sound pretty silly to sharing jokes that are funny and reading out delightful books together, I like how happy routines make bonding so much more closer and fun with my son. This means that I need to complete my kitchen tasks and other chores ahead. But as a mom, I can tell you that it's worth the time and effort and it's absolutely fun and relaxing too.

Free up your weekends for family time
Weekends are my 'family time' and it is the case with most working parents. To make your family your most important priority, you will have to exercise self-discipline consistently and say 'No' often to others. Your choices define your happiness. Choose wisely. 

Be wise about whom you spend time with
I can't stress on this enough because we tend to be very 'okay' hanging out with people we don't always get along with or even like. Remember, when you share your space with someone, you begin to trust and care. You begin to feel involved. Always focus on your family first. Be protective and wise about your space. 

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As a working mother, 2018 has taught me to work harder on managing my time. Saying no is tough, but as my guru says, ''You may not always oblige others' requests, but you can always speak obligingly.'' 

Everything in life is an interplay of energies - good and bad. So, what are your options? You can choose your energy and work on strengthening your family's well being and happiness. More importantly, don't waste time. 

Choose wisely.  Choose with great care. [Lessons from Winter]

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Now it's your turn - are there specific challenges you face in managing your daily work and family schedule? Do share and maybe I'd be glad to help.