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Feeling depressed and low? This guy at Costa Coffee taught me something invaluable about being at peace!

At Costa Coffee outlet at DLF Mall in  Noida today, I hovered blankly over an iced latte. I wasn't in my best mood. You know how it is, there are days when one feels disappointed and let down by the self and withdraw into an inner shell. 

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And so it happens that the server at Costa Coffee who brought to our table what we had ordered is a smiling young man. He has a big, happy smile on his face.

We looked up. He was conveying something with his fingers to my son, who had his headphones switched on and was listening to music. I looked up and understood then that the young man was deaf and unable to speak, which is why he was using sign language to communicate.

This is what I think he communicated to my son, ''Enjoy your sandwich.You have a good smile and a good day.  Thank you for coming today, happy to serve you."

My son was also gesturing back to him with a bright smile and conveying thank you. [READ: Childhood is the best part of life]

I watched their exchange with rapt attention.

Once he had left, my son turned and said, ''I didn't understand at first that he cannot hear or speak. It took me few minutes to figure it out. Then I felt so bad, so terrible for him...I feel upset for him. He has to deal with every customer like this, without being able to speak and how awful he must feel isn't it?''

I had a different view and I told my son, '' I feel bad for him too but the point is that he is happy with himself. Didn't you see how he smiled? Does he look like someone who feels awful about himself? In fact, he is creating happy energy with his smile for his customers, right? He is more cheerful than others because he chooses to be, he makes his weakness his strength, he is at peace with what we say is his 'weakness'.

This guy had just taught me an invaluable lesson!

Maybe that's the whole idea of life, being called a divine play. He may have been born without the ability to hear or speak but just look at how he has chosen to play his role. With a big smile, with happy energy. 

And now look at us, we have eyes, ears, everything and more - but do we always choose loving, peaceful words to ourselves or people around us? Often our choices are steeped in the need to accumulate more, get more, take more, grab more, etc. In a sense, he is luckier than us. Whatever he is trying to convey without the ability of speaking, he still chooses to spread happy vibes, happy actions. What about us? Well, we are in forever cribbing mode, aren't we?

It reminds me of a lovely quote by The Mother, ''Always keep your peace, resist all temptation to lose it."

What a precious lesson at a most unexpected moment! That's life - it always gives us more than we can handle and sometimes steps in to share lessons that are invaluable! [Parenting: 7 Time Management Tips to Manage Your Schedule]

Have you ever felt this way at unexpected moments in your life?


@Mrs.Sanand, I am the person who used to write under the user name GOLDENLION which I created in 2006. Now I've changed it to my real name. Probably u looked at me with suspicion.I'm much older than u & I'm like ur ELDER BROTHER. I'm depressed & Contind-2
Contd frm 1 : I'm extremely depressed & on d verge of suicide. Do u know any spiritually advanced blogger who can help me ? Of course I have to seek psychiatric help. I'm a devotee of Sri GNANANANDA GIRI of Tapovanam. I've d highest regard 4 Babaji.,COND
Contd frm pre. post : In 1990 I attempted suicde & Sri Gnanananda saved me. In 1996 He saved me from road accident. Kindly pray to Bhagawan Baba for me. Sri Gnanananda has contact with SHIRDI & SATHYA SAI BABA. Please forgive me if I've hurt u in any way
Hi Mohan, everyone fights their inner battles...the best thing to do is never ever give up on yourself or the battles that you are fighting because every experience in life makes us stronger and wiser. We just need to see the bigger narrative. Have faith. Stay strong.