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Best sweet shop in Noida: Ring in the festive spirit, celebrate Mithai time!

This is the festive season and though Diwali is over, we have Christmas and the New Year coming up, don't we?  This Diwali, I was on the lookout for the best mithai shop in Noida and guess what I found?  There are plenty of options but none that I particularly liked. However, get yourself the most delectable mithai from Hira Sweets, Sector 51, Noida. They also have an outlet just near to JAM Shipra Mall at Ghaziabad.

Now I know you are looking out for the best sweet shop in Noida, which is why you are reading this. But it may help to know that Hira's sweet shops also offer a wide range of varieties of pastries, namkeens, snacks and chaat as well.  Note that their mithai boxes are on the expensive side. When you have a special celebration at home, your guests are bound to be impressed by the taste - I can assure you that from personal experience. It's lip-smacking delicious, mind it!

I have no idea how the months seem to fly off the shelves and suddenly, we are almost racing to .....yeah, November! It feels like I made my New Year resolutions on fitness just a week get the drift! Now if you have a sweet tooth and trust me when I confess that I have many of those, there's no better time to indulge yourself.  [DO READ: Hotel Park Ascent has the best birthday menu options for you to choose from! ]

So, which is your favourite mithai in your city and where do you buy it from? Do drop me a line as I'd love to know!