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Stepping out of the comfort zone

The year began with a visit to Lord Tirupati Balaji, the Kalahasthi temple, followed by three unforgettable days in my favorite place - Puttaparthi. 

When I returned from the trip, it felt as though something had already changed within me - as though an important decision was being shaped by the Universe or a Higher force. 

But of course, I didn't realize it then, nor was I meant to. That hit me later.

I returned to my place of work, happily. Within a month, there were all the signs of a new beginning, literally. I stepped down from my comfort zone.

                                                                                                            (Image credit: Unsplash)
It wasn't easy for me to do. I was too comfortable in my job and within the space that I had created for myself.

Maybe the Rig Vedic mantras had done the magic, pushed me out of my comfort zone and propelled me to take a risk and to simply find the courage to grow up. [[Do read! Quiet: The POWER of Introverts and STRONG is the new Beautiful]

Yes, I quit my job. A good, comfortable job. [Do read: Hope is sometimes a crumb]

The most important thing is this: I am happy. [READ: Never, ever GIVE UP!]

That's all that matters, isn't it?

Now it's your turn: Have you ever done anything that made you wonder why you were stepping out of your comfort zone? Do you remember the feeling of release and lightness within that comes with letting go?

Write in to me. I'd love to hear.