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You've got mail!

It turns out that a very dear friend's father is critically ill. I didn't have her number so, I checked Facebook to message her. It surprised me that I am no longer her friend. I still wanted to reach out to her anyway.

So, I sent her an e-mail:

                                    [Image credit: Unsplash]

"My dear.........,

I heard of your father not being well and I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that you are in my prayers and thoughts. I am certain that you will come out stronger as you have rock solid faith in God and that faith will keep you and your loved ones protected in these difficult times. You already know how blessed you are in God's gaze. Still, testing times come your way to help you grow stronger.

I do not consider Facebook as a barometer of friendship but it took me by surprise that I am no longer your friend on it. I respect your reasons for unfriending me yet I cannot help wonder if I may have caused you any pain that you felt forced to do so. If so, I seek your forgiveness because I am not aware of hurting you or having an intention to do so. How I ceased to be your friend offers me an opportunity for inner contemplation and fond remembrance of the wonderful memories and moments we shared when we first met and you were my first amazing friend in Delhi, whom I can never possibly forget.

My loving prayers are there for you and your family at this time. God bless you. If there is anything at all I can do to help, please reach out to me. 

Love & regards,

I don't know if my email will be read. I have done what feels right to me, deep inside my heart.

And that's what I want to convey to you, dear friend:

Explore the light in your heart. 

Do what you feel is right. 

That feeling in your heart, it's your light. Let it shine!


R. Ramesh said…
awesome..shows how good a person you are...hi to is chottu dear..long time no c..cheers and wishes
SG said…
Your ex-friend is very unlucky not to have you as a friend.
Great to hear from you, RameshJi! Trust the New Year has been a super awesome beginning for you and your loved ones! Everything is going great, the little one is going to be 10 years this month! How time flies! Do fill me in on hows the family, Akka & your lovely daughters.
Dear SG, Thank you for your confidence in me...she's a very divine person and it may be just one of those FB glitches that happen in life. I somehow wanted to reach out to her and also convey to readers that we shouldn't ever give up with the friendship of people who bring us joy and the little things in life that we trust in. Would love to know your thoughts and thanks for dropping by.