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Thought vs feeling: How to control the quality of thoughts that arise in your mind

For those of you who wrestle with thoughts and want to do some quality control, Eknath Eashwaran's book, Conquering the Mind is a good reference. [DO READ: Signs of Progress in Meditation ]

Here's what kept me glued to Eknath Eashwaran's book:

1. You get practical examples of how to control the quality of thoughts that arise in your mind. [Do READ: How Raja Yoga unites Mind Power with Cosmic Power]

2. Simple but useful tips for meditation. [BONUS READ: What happens within you when you meditate ]

3. The daily challenges we face when we try to control the quality of thoughts that arise in the mind are dealt with using simple examples. 

As a working mother, the most important takeaway for me is this: I have seen a positive change in my 9-year-old son when I cite Eknath Eashwaran's 'quality control' arguments to him.  It makes sense to him.

Using specific tips from this book, it is possible to instil the habit of training children to watch the quality of  thoughts that arise in the mind.

Are there books that you would recommend on this subject?


Asha said…
I will definitely check this book Swapna. Thanks for the review.I definitely need some tips to control my thoughts.
Vishnu said…
You've convinced me Swapna! Going to check out this book next. Reading this book at the moment on mindfulness by John Kabat Zinn - Wherever you go, there you are. It's an easy read on being more mindful daily. Thanks for sharing.
@Asha - Good to hear that you are keen to read this book. I am certain that you will find it as useful as I did.

@Vishnu - Awesome, go for it, Vishnu. Do let me know how you connect to me. I will check out the book you've recommended, thanks for that.
Shilpa Garg said…
How to control the quality of thoughts is something that I must read. The book sounds inspiring and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing about it, Swapna. Will look out for it!
seeya said…
Controlling quality of thoughts is paramount. It is what makes us or breaks us.
@Shilpa, I hope you find this book as interesting as I did. Do read and let me know your thoughts on it.

@Seeya - Absolutely agree on that, do keep reading and sharing your thoughts.