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Walking the red carpet

The single best thing that has happened to me in the last few months is my decision to spend more time in bookshops, libraries and attend book launches or literary meetings.

Every time I attend a bookshop or a book launch, I meet a new writer or a new publisher. We talk and it gives me a high to stay committed to my daily routine of writing. 

Recently, at the Indian Habitat Centre where the 5th edition of ILF Samanvay's Annual Languages Festival, I saw a beautiful red carpet rolled put to welcome everyone.

It struck me as apt.

It's the readers who deserve the red carpet. 

The idea kept lingering in my head, along with an early morning bird song.

Happiness is this moment. {READ: The Choices We Make, Karma, Love }

What's the happiest moment that caught you unaware recently? 


seeya said…
Hi Svara. I liked your sentence which says that it gives you a high when you interact with writers and in turn it motivates you to write more. Well said. I guess writers bring more positive energy. I feel the same and when many started appreciating my writing, I felt I should write more for these people who read.

Ok enough said, I liked this topic that motivated me too to write..

Good luck :)
Hi Seeya,

Great to hear from you on this - I totally agree that writers bring more positive energy and it's awesome to know that you are determined to write more after receiving appreciation for your writing. Words have amazing power, isn't it? More power to good writers and their writing!