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My love for you has no limits

My 9 year-old and I love to snuggle up and have funny conversations. Sometimes we ask each other silly questions, emotional ones - it's a part of our 'bonding' journey.

A couple of days ago, I asked my son, "
How much do you love me?"

His immediate reply, "My love for you has no limits, Amma. It has no boundaries. It goes on and on and on...."

My heart flipped, warm and cozy like a pancake. I held my baby closer, and my heart seemed to burst with happiness.


Ajith said…
That was nice to hear. We had similiar moment recently . My 3 yr old son started going to school and got some learning about owning things as well how to share. He has this habit of poking his hand to his moms belly. So once when he poked his on her belly, my wife told him firmly "This is Mine.Don't Touch". with out missing the beat he replied "Share please" !!!!!!
Thanks for sharing your special moment on my blog, Ajith. It's very sweet to hear about your three year old son saying 'Share please' - that got me smiling!