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Little things can bring great joy

Yesterday, I realized that it was a dear friend's birthday and he wasn't on Facebook. So, there were no FB reminders.

I dug out old albums and found his pic. I put a 'Happy Birthday' post on Facebook - which helped many mutual friends to reach out to him and wish him.

People suddenly realized that they had missed him. 

Later in the evening, I called him. The joy in his voice was unmistakable. 

Little things can bring great joy. We just need to reach out to more people with more love. 

God is love and His love is best expressed through the choices we make.

Can being missed by other human beings make a difference, lift your spirits? Do share your thoughts.....


Vishnu said…
how did we ever remember people's birthdays before Facebook:) ??

personal outreach is so much more memorable and special than a technological one - glad your friend was able to hear from you in person.
seeya said…
Swara, it is indeed a joy when someone remembers your birthday without FB notifications. Either a message or phone call lights up your day. You made the day for the person. Simple joys you expressed in simple yet beautiful words
Richa Singh said…
This happened with me on my birthday and my sister this for me :) But for me it was a deliberate move to not have birthday details on profile
@Vishnu: That's a good question. In my time before Facebook made a dent in my "social" existence, I wrote down the birthdays of my closest friends and cousins in a little notebook, which I treasured. Now who needs that anyway? We rely on FB. But I keep a track of friends who are not on FB and catch up with them in person because I believe real interactions are what truly matter in nurturing beautiful relationships.
@Seeya: I do have my slip ups but I try not to. The real challenge is to be able to find time in our usual hectic schedule to greet a friend, to reach out in person and to prioritize it in advance so that you are prompt.
@Richa: Sometimes we do need our privacy on certain things so I can understand that you kept it off your profile. Btw, your sister rocks!