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Oh, the joy of eating pazhamporis, only a Malayali can tell you

Can I share a secret with you? Something I never told you before?
Don't laugh! I see a smile on your face but that's okay as long as you aren't laughing at me yet.

The thing is I crave to munch on piping hot pazhamporis! 

Okay, blame it on the Malayali genes that are so used to munching on banana fritters while it rains, or when it is a sunny day or a scorching one. We don't care about the weather. 

We simply love biting into the juiciness of home-made pazhamporis, exactly the way our mothers make it at home.

I crave for a world where I don’t have to feel apologetic about eating pazhamporis.

Maybe I am not the only person who fears to talk about eating food openly, for the pure enjoyment of it. That doesn't always have to be equated with calories and nutrients. 

So, what's your favourite food that you love to eat? Tell me about it!


Asha said…
Same pinch Swapna:) i love pazham poris daughter simply loves this otherwise she is very fussy about fried foods and does not like other fried food. When you have time, See my blog post on pzhampori here at my cookery blog.
Aww! Thanks Asha - so happy that we are same to same in many things - spirituality, food and now pazhamporis - yayyy:))