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Happy Diwali

When I first came to Delhi, I struggled to understand why people celebrate Diwali with the joyous fervor they do. Coming from Kochi, the significance of Diwali, in comparison, has been minimal. 

The only time we in Kochi used to realize that it is Diwali is when popular sweetshops, particularly Bimbis located at MG Road, began to sell the 'North Indian mithai' items. 

We would see a crowd in front of it. All of us would use the pretext of Diwali to persuade the elders to buy the 'North Indian mithai' and the glossy packets, with its delectable scent, would linger on days after Diwali.

That, dear friend, is the closest that I came to understanding Diwali.

Now that I am settled and living outside Kochi, I see the happiness and the amazing positive energy that makes Diwali something more than a festival. 

I can see how it brings families together, colleagues together, friends and so on. People dress in their brightest and best clothes, vibrant colours are splashed all around and they share beautiful moments, sweets and traditions (optional of course).

For me, Diwali is about watching my son enjoy to the fullest. When he was a baby, I would light the diyas in front of our house. I would dress him in a new colorful kurtha and delight in his baby steps and the way his face would light up with smiles when he looked at the diyas and the lights all around our building.

Now my baby is 9 years old (how time flies - don't ask me about it!) and we go diya shopping together. You can't imagine the amazing fun we have, selecting diyas, carrying them home and then waiting for the D-day so that we can start lighting those diyas. Adi loves to paint the diyas and he takes a lot of effort to combine the colors and dry them so that they are ready at least a day before.

It's what makes Diwali a time of great joy and happiness for families. 

May there be abundance, love, joy and prosperity in your life. 

With all the love in my heart, I wish a very Happy Diwali to each and every one.