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That Magical Feeling Stories Bring

 My 9 year old son and I have a "secret" bed time routine. 

Before he goes to sleep every night, I tell him a story.  But wait, I don't simply tell a story. During dinner, I build up some excitement and give him a clue here and there to keep him guessing about the stories I am going to tell him. 

Sometimes, I tell him two stories and a third one, if he hasn't slept by then. He loves mythological stories, especially of Arjuna and Pradyumna. Devarishi Narada has also become a recent favourite.

When he wakes up the next day, he loves to discuss those stories. 

You can imagine how that delights me.

Signing off now but I'd love to know about the routine you have in your life that makes moments more memorable.

Do write in. 


Ajith said…
Nice. My Wife has a talk time with my 9 yr old when he goes to bed where we discuss freely anything. But this story idea is good. i read somewhere MT Vasudevan nair gave credit to his grand mom who instilled the seeds of imagination by telling him the stories from the puranas when he was a child.
Vishnu said…
A great practice to enjoy the moment and also keep your son in a very creative frame of mind. Reading fiction helps me keep the magic of stories alive in my life - as does a good movie. I think one of the tragedies we deal with in life is letting go of our imaginations and creativity as we grow up - we need even more of it then - the world would be a better place with more dreamers.

Thanks for sharing!
Haddock said…
That is a wonderful routine that you have created with your kid.
Nothing better to keep a young mind active. His creativity expands day by day.