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Worry is a waste of time, and waste of time is waste of life

Do you often worry about things going wrong? [Do read: What's the best spiritual lesson you learned from dealing with anguish?]

Throughout the years when I had the opportunity to observe Swami (my Guru), there is one remarkable trait that I saw in Him. No matter what the situation is, Swami is always in harmony and absolutely free from worry. 

Swami often says, "Worry is a waste of time and waste of time is waste of life." [Do read: How to find the peace within you when your plans go for a toss! ]

                                                [Image: Unsplash]

A year ago, I saw a video of Swami visiting Delhi, Rishikesh and other places when he was in his early 20s - at a time when the world around probably looked at him with a mixture of disbelief and criticism. There was also a special musical programme where Swami  addressed the 'Who's who' of Delhi - the leaders from political, business and elite community. 

Knowing the 'elite' culture in Delhi very well, I can say that I'd get the shivers and worry endlessly about the whole thing. And I am nearing my 40s, so to speak and I have 'ample' experience with Delhi's so-called elites!

But in that video, young Swami exuded a radiance, a rare luminosity, that lit up the entire evening. His body language was that of flowing confidence. 

That video shows Delhi's top folks turning up in their most expensive, finest clothes - they looked intimidating with their presence and their looks, occupying the finest seats in a posture of ultra-rich sophistication.

I looked at Swami's young, beautiful face. Swami wore his simple saffron robe, his bare feet peeked out of the robe. His eyes were filled with light and he sat simply on the floor of the stage - watching, observing and looking like the beautiful Lord Krishna Himself.

What amazes me still is the absolute peace that his face exuded.

In the way Swami looked, He looked like the King of the Jungle. He looked like the Leader - in his unassuming saffron robe, with his bare feet peeking out - sitting on the floor!

My heart surges every time I recall Swami's beautiful, divine simplicity - a message in itself - to be free from worry always.

So whenever I find myself worrying, I recall Swami's young, radiant form that always shone with the light of absolute confidence. 

And I inscribe His divine words again and again in my heart, "You may face many ordeals. But do not pay too much attention to them. Lead your life happily till the end." [Do read: How to never ever give up on the spiritual path]

When faced with worry, how do you overcome/tackle it? Share it here so that others can learn too. I'd love to know too!