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Heartbroken? How to heal a broken heart with one simple tip!

Everyone goes through heartbreaks. Know that you are never alone and you don't need to beat yourself up over what went wrong. Don't revisit the past to crush your sense of self-worth. When you go through a break up, you tend to ask tough questions to yourself. Go easy! [READ: Being Strong is the New Beautiful]

                                                [Image: Pexels]
British writer Barbara Pym asks in a note to herself after a breakup:
"What is the heart?
A damp cave with things growing in it, mysterious secret plants of love or whatever you like. Or a dusty lumber room full of junk. Or a neat orderly place like a desk with a place for everything and everything in its place.
Something might be starting now that would linger on through many years — dying sometimes and then coming back again, like a twinge of rheumatism in the winter, so that you suddenly felt it in your knee when you were nearing the top of a long flight of stairs.
A Great Love that was unrequited might well be like that."

In today's world where picture perfect family pics are uploaded every few minutes on Facebook, it's hard not to feel the "social pressure" to feel that you fit your life, almost picture perfect, like that of your friends.

I have seen some of my closest friends go through break-ups sand supported them through their emotional upheavals. Most of them have come out  reflecting within, by stepping aside from the viewpoint of being a  "wounded" person and seeing themselves as witnesses of everything that has happened. [Do read: Can we stop being judgmental and How to Find the Peace Within You]
The ability to heal one's own heart begins with one simple but powerful step: Concentrate on your heart. 

Embrace self-awareness.
When you step into your own self and become aware of who you are, you will learn to let go of every thing that hurt you. 
When you reflect on hurtful moments and hold it up to the light that is within you, all that remains is this blazing light of truth: 
"I am the highest Loving Awareness there is. I am Consciousness."


KParthasarathi said…
Beautifully said.It cannot be bettered.The solution lies within us if only we care to go inwards.
@KP Parthasarathy: Happy to read that you could relate to it. Thanks for stopping by to comment.