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Why not write as you think?

If you love writing as a craft, David Morrell's book Lessons from a Lifetime of Writing: A Novelist Looks At His Craft is bound to excite you! The book packs in many useful, practical writing tips. 

For instance, he says, "Instead of waiting to write until you've thought through an idea, why not write as you think? The format is a conversation with yourself..." [READ: What makes your writing shine? and Home is Where the Heart is]

I've often had this inner argument with myself while writing. 

Hmmm, that's a thought, isn't it? Here is a blog post in which I wrote just like I normally speak: How I Made My First Kerala Fish Molee.

And this forms the crux of that inner argument: the time-taking birth of beautiful sentences.


How do you like to write - freely, naturally or painstakingly?


Vishnu said…
Hey Swapna - I'm trying to write as I speak but haven't tried to write as I think. Well, I guess I do that too but i think what ends up on the page is my final thought, not the process of how I got to the thought. And as far as writing like we speak, I'm a fan of that and I think the most powerful kinds of writing seems like the author is talking to us like they would be in real live. Some great food for thought here.