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Four delicious posts that can lift your spirits

What's your fun way of enjoying the beautiful monsoons? I love to curl up with piping hot tea, some samosas that have green peas-potato filling that tastes yummy! To match the monsoon mood, I've put together four delicious, heart warming posts that I enjoyed and thought you may like it too! 

When I read about Wicksdom, I remembered my grandmother. She loved getting wicks ready every evening. Wicksdom is truly a beautiful initiative to spread the light in the lives of the elderly women in Kerala and beyond.  With most temples in Kerala requiring up to ten thousand lamps to be lit daily, Wicksdom will address that need. READ more about it here. 

And in case you want some thing to give you a boost, simply curl up and read through Vishnu's heart-warming list of quotes that will lift your spirit up instantly! 

                                                                         [Image: Snapwire]

Travel is something close to my heart. There are many places that I want to visit. Whatever I have read about Grannies Homestay made me long to head to Varanasi. Their rates are reasonable, their facilities are cozy and I yearn to taste their much talked about home food. READ more information here.

Coming back to food, caramel pudding is one of those delectable things I find irresistible! And I can tell you, with absolute confidence, that no one makes it as yummy as the Parsis do. So, here's a post to get you really hungry!  

Now it's your turn! What are the delicious, heartwarming things you've read or done this monsoon season? Do drop a line - I'd LOVE to hear from you!