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How to Find the Peace Within You When Your Plans Go for a Toss

You think you have all that it takes to reach the most important milestones that you have set for yourself. You have planned everything, done the work that is needed to get you (in the logical scheme of things) to reach exactly where you want to be in life and yet, surprise!

Your plans go for a toss! 

You feel that every relationship you worked hard at has also flown out of the window before you could even say, "Hey, what's happening?" 

It happens all the time.

So, does it help to cry, scream, shout names and tear your hair out over it?

Not really.

But there's one thing that helps - stay calm, don't panic.

Nothing that has happened was ever in your control. There is always a greater force that tosses our carefully laid out plans into some wild, remote place.

Not your fault. Not your failure.

Tell yourself constantly, "I am at peace."

Say it a hundred times if you have to. Maybe more. 

The more you say this to your heart, the faster it works like magic!

Peace is what you get when peace is all that you can think of.