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Keep Cool about Calories, Heartbreaks, Confidence & More

It's May 2015 already! And look what's been keeping me busy!

In case you'd missed my earlier posts, here's the one on Dad's 70th birthday and the birth of my niece, Aishani.  

Hard to believe that the months have flown and we are at the peak of a scorching summer that is bound to last for the next two months!

Here's my "Keep Cool" summer round-up of posts that I enjoyed reading:

                                                                        [Image credit: Morguefile] 

Andy Mort talks about how to maintain our focus and his second post is about how to see confidence as a continuous journey that never ends.

In another humorous take, Sangeeta also talks about our eating habits and how festivals perk up our calories...she answers a relevant question: So, what really is 500 calories? 

And for all those who have experienced life-shattering heartbreaks: Vishnu's latest e-book cuts out the fluff and tells you what happened when the greatest love of his life crumbled. 

He's been through it, got what it takes to bounce back and wants to help you do the same.

The return from heartbreak is never easy but you can come back a stronger, calmer and more loving person than you read Vishnu's post here.

I am sure you've also done some fun things this may be your reflections, observations or something you've read or some one whom you've met and had an interesting conversation with.

Do share it with me here...would love to know what your summer's been like.