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Make your emails less boring and more fun

We take ourselves too seriously. A good laugh is the best part of your day.  And there are very brands that get it SO right!

Growing up, I loved the Amul billboard signs because they were just so creative, apt and always had a quirkiness that made everyone smile.

                                         [Image Courtesy: MorgueFile]

I happened to read this peppy post on how Mouth Food uses Mail Chimp to reach out and engage with people.  They use funny emails with a creative zing!

Their emails are so full of life that it leaps out straight at you. Like a warm bear hug.

Maybe humor does that - it gives us a sense of intimacy when some one or something has the power to make us relax our guard and make us smile.

Next time you are about to send out one of those boring e-mails that tempt you to yawn if you ever received one of those, think out-of-the-box to create an impact like Mouth Food.

At the end of the day, you want your name/service/company product to be remembered, longed for and desired.

Try something different. Make some one smile.

Can you remember a brand-related email that makes you want to 
smile? Tell me about it, I'd love to know!


Vishnu said…
Hi Swapna - I know a lot of emails that put me to sleep. Looking forward to checking out this brand and seeing how they can do emails creatively? Their descriptionsof product seem superb. Writing can help a brand stand out! Words can be more powerful than pictures:)
Hi Vishnu, Good to know that you could connect to this post. Just as you said, I too have received so many boring,bland brand images...why can't brands use words more powerfully the way they do with visuals..e.hopefully, more brands will come forward with creative initiatives...looking forward to those!